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  • Bob Marley statue on the verge of demolition


    After the presumption of the Addis Abeba Traffic Management Agency that the demolition of “unnecessary” avenues would ease the traffic jam in the city, a statue at the Bob Marley Street is going to be demolished soon.

    Demolition of the statue was planned some time ago, but where to re-erect the statue has been the major concern, Sheger FM reported. “That concern has solved once and for all,” officials of the Agency told journalists on Thursday.

    The agency has planned to bulldoze some streets, which said to have created a traffic jam, according the findings of its study. Therefore, the Agency has already level the Ja Cross Street and Bob Marley statue is among one of such steals.

    Jemo, Bole Michael and 18 Mazoria Streets have also been destructed with such intention, according to the Agency.

    source:. diretube.com

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  • Tabs for members of parliament

    You may say “I won’t believe this” or “that’s not true”. But, to your surprise, it is fact that each member of the House of Peoples’ Representatives have got a tablet computer following the House’s program to do away from paper documents.

    On Tuesday’s session of the parliament, MPs were reading and listening reports from the tablet computers for the first time.

    “We have designed an information technology project to alter the house’s way of doing things,” Kereyu Banata, Head of the Information Technology at the Parliament told the Reporter Newspaper.

    “The long-served paper system was tiresome and too costly,” he said, adding, “Therefore, it is a mandatory task for the house to change the system into a digital one”.

    “From this moment onwards, all MPs should follow reports and proclamations by using their own tabs,” he explained.

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  • Human right violations committed against suspects says board


    Human right violations committed against suspects says board

    The State of Emergency Decree Inquiry Board said on Tuesday that human right violations were committed against suspects who were imprisoned following the widespread unrest in the country last year.

    At the performance hearing to the Parliament on Tuesday, the Inquiry Board Chairperson, Tadesse Hordofa was quoted by Sheger FM radio as saying that, “the command post has investigated and reached that various human rights violations were committed against the suspects.”
    Suspects flooded beyond prisons capacity even with a lack of place to dine and sufficient toilet rooms, he told the parliamentarians.

    He added suspects who have already taken the “deep reform” training were suffered from dysentery and other water born disease attributed to lack of clean potable water in the Awash Arba and Birrsheleko centers.

    Tadesse went on to say that some polices used to implement forceful measurements including intimidation of suspects to confess them.
    Previously, some prisons have got a shortage of foods. “But that problem is now resolved to some extent,” the chairperson confirmed.

    The state decree inquiry board said over 20,000 citizens jailed since the imposition of the decree have so far been freed after receiving renewal training, including on the constitution, rule of law and color revolution, among others.

    According to the board, 475 of the total detainees were freed on advice due to their old age and deteriorated health condition. The remaining nearly 5,000 suspects, however, will remain in custody to face justice.

    A total of 26,130 suspects were arrested since Ethiopia declared the state emergency decree in October in response to the wide spread protests and unrest in Amhara and Oromia regions.

    The state of emergency, the country’s first in quarter a century, was imposed to arrest violent anti-government protests and to restore what Addis Abeba says is a growing security situation in the two troubled regions.

    Established shortly after imposition of the state emergency, the seven-members inquiry board comprising four MPs and three legal experts from the federal high court is also responsible to monitor nothing inhuman act is being committed against citizens during the emergency period or if any it will report to the premier’s office or to council of ministers.

    Since the decree was imposed more than five months ago, the Ethiopian government recently lifted many of the restrictions.
    Days ago, Addis Abeba also lifted more restrictions for the second time. Accordingly the command post led under Ministry of Defense has lifted the command post’s power to arbitrary arrest people or search individuals’ houses.

    Furthermore, curfews and other restrictions on media and social media activism have also been lifted.




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  • Zimbabwe soldier caught trafficking 20 illegal Ethiopian immigrants

    Love for a ‘quick buck’ got a soldier from Mutoko at the deep end as he was caught ‘globe-trotting’ transporting twenty sorry looking Ethiopians.

    The accused was arrested at Matsai village in Gutu recently after the breakdown of a Toyota kombi he was using.

    The alleged human trafficker Newman Nyathi a soldier at 4.2 Brigade was caught off guard by police as he was coming from the Beitbridge border post.
    Police on patrol discovered twenty non-English speaking Ethiopian nationals aged between twelve to eighteen years.

    They had no travel documents that allowed them to be in Zimbabwe.

    Police immediately arrested Nyathi and three other drivers including one Ethiopian and 2 Zimbabweans.

    Appearing before Gutu Magistrate Edwin Marecha the illegal Ethiopian immigrants faced charges of unlawful entry and remaining in Zimbabwe without a permit as defined in section 29(2a) of immigration chapter 04:02 and remained in custody.

    Nyathi did not plead guilty and paid a bail of two hundred dollars while the other drivers were taken into cells awaiting to be sentenced.

    The Ethiopian immigrants were remanded to April 7 while remaining in custody.
    Source -zimnews


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