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    Jawar Mohammed added 3 new photos. 6 mins ·

    #OromoProtests "Ganama Kana 10/09/16 Waancaa Hidha Laga Abbaay Qeeballa Jedhee Mootummaan Gabroomfataan Kun Ummata Akka Bahan Dirqisiisanillee Milkaa'ina Tokkoon Malee Addaan Galan Qeerroon Magaalaa Gindhiiris Mormii Isaanii Alaabaa EPRDF Cicciruun Karaarratti Gatanii Irra Deemaa Oolan."



    Source: Jawar Mohammed  #OromoProtests

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  • Drunk President Mistakingly calls Putin to Congratulate him on Trump’s Victory

    the President of the Russian Federation, His Excellency President Vladmir Putin  to congratulate him, and his country on the successful election of Mr. Donald Trump.

    Speaking from the former nightclub-turned-presidential-mancave , Shamrock Club, where President Isaias was nursing a Blue Label bottle of whiskey after a long-day at the Adi Halo Dam while watching the results of the elections, President Isaias told Putin that his administration had always known he could pull it and has commended him on a job well-done.

    A perplexed Putin, however, repeatedly told the clearly-drunk Eritrean president that he must have called the wrong number and Russia had nothing to do with Trump’s election in the United States, before, according to a local prostitute who often services the President’s carnal desires, hanging up on him.

    AwazeTribune has attempted to retrieve the transcript of the call, but it has already been classified by a special decree of the National Security Agency of Eritrea.

    AT has reached to Mr. Yemane Gebremeskel, Eritrea’s Minister of Information and Permanent Ambassador to Twitter for a comment. According to him, the blunder is nothing but a simple mixup of speed dial numbers.


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